Warwick Builds Sadowsky

With over 80 years of combined experience in traditional instrument craftsmanship, Roger Sadowsky of Sadowsky Guitars and Hans Peter Wilfer, founder of Warwick basses have teamed up to bring a full range of quality instruments and accessories to musicians worldwide under the Sadowsky brand name. With the new partnership, Roger will remain the visionary behind Sadowsky Guitars, with Warwick taking on the task of manufacturing and worldwide distribution. This arrangement allows Roger to remain close to the process while making available several lines of basses, strings and accessories at a wider variety of price points.

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The New Sadowsky Instruments

The new Sadowsky instruments will be available in three product groups:

Sadowsky MasterBuilt: The series is 100% made in Germany and stands for the high-end instrument range. The new MasterBuilt series can be compared to the previous basses from Sadowsky (including the well-known tone chambers). Special designs and custom orders are also available through the Custom Shop.

Sadowsky MetroLine: The MetroLine is also completely manufactured in Germany. In addition to extremely lightweight woods, high-quality UV finishes and original hardware parts are used.

Sadowsky MetroExpress: The MetroExpress Line is produced under strict quality control in China and therefore offers a cost-effective entry into the world of Sadowsky instruments for the first time.

MasterBuilt 21-Fret Vintage J/J Bass und Custom Shop 21-Fret Standard J/J Bass
MetroLine 22-Fret Will Lee Model and 24-Fret Vintage J/J Bass
MetroExpress 21-Fret Hybrid P/J Bass and 21-Fret Standard J/J Bass

Roger Sadowsky

NYC Custom Shop

The NYC Custom Shop is still available for Roger Sadowsky's work. More information about Sadowsky NYC can be found at